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The Holistic spa wellness program includes: Infrared sauna, aromatherapy with essential oils, Jacuzzi with chromotherapy and 50 'relaxing massage. The purification ritual of the wellness path begins with Infrared sauna: The central moment of the path is the infrared sauna, a dry heat bath that gives a pleasant and relaxing feeling of well-being, similar to that experienced by exposing the body to the sun. Jacuzzi with sparkling dessert served by the pool and with enchanting scents of essential oils multi-sensory massage The secret of the ritual is contained in the combination of three sensory pathways: olfactory, tactile and auditory. A unique path of skin and psyche regeneration! Everything you need for your wellness experience will be provided by us free of charge in a courtesy kit that includes bathrobe, face and body towels, disposable briefs, slippers, soap and bath shower. For greater comfort you can wear your bathing suit.

List price per couple € 140

Duration of the route 2:00 '


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