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Circulatory massage

Il circulatory massage prevents and improves blemishes such as cellulite, stretch marks and fat. It improves the circulatory and lymphatic functions, obtaining a detoxifying effect.

Bio-balancing massage with decontracting action

The bio balancing massage acts on the muscle fascia by reducing tension and stress, improves posture and fluid drainage and increases awareness of one's body and emotional state.

Connective tissue massage

The connective tissue massage acts through cutaneous and subcutaneous stimuli that are reflected in organs and viscera thanks to the innervation of the treated tissues. It resolves tension and adhesions and has decontracting and analgesic effects.

Vodder lymphatic drainage

Vodder Lymphatic Drainage is a physiological massage. It deals with detoxifying, draining, counteracting edema, anti-cellulite effect and counteracts some pathologies.

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot stone massage is a holistic massage that envelops body and mind carried out with hot lava stones which, releasing the heat slowly and gradually, will have a muscle relaxant and rebalancing effect of the energy of our chakras.

Holistic / Relax Massage

The holistic massage is a decontracting, balancing of the nervous system, anti-stress, regenerating and anti-aging massage.

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